When you're a runway model, your poses are just as important as your walk because they show off the lines of the clothes you're modeling. Once you understand the basics of runway poses, you can develop your own signature poses to make designers and directors want you in their shows.

Know whether you're going to do entry and exit poses in addition to poses at the end of the runway. Your show director and designer dictate this, so check with them if you're not sure what poses you're expected to do.

Practice your end of runway poses first, since you must do these in all shows and the entry and exit poses use the same basic approach.

Take a few steps across the room as if you're walking to the end of the runway. At the end of your imaginary runway, shift your weight from your right foot to your left foot.

Strike a pose with your arms that complements the pose of your legs. Placing your left hand lightly on your hip while leaving your right hand down along your side is a classic runway pose that shows off the lines of clothing well.

Change weight again and turn, striking a new pose with your weight on your back foot. Keep your eyes towards the end of the runway to make sure you offer photographers a good photo opportunity.

Turn and strike one more pose, using the same method.

Use the same basic approach for striking entry and exit poses, though only strike one pose unless you're otherwise instructed. For an exit pose, be sure to turn towards the end of the runway.


  • Explore poses that feel natural to you and offer dramatic lines. The larger your pose repertoire, the more versatile you can be as a runway model. Have a friend videotape you as you pose so you can see which poses work and which don't.


  • Don't pose with your weight on your forward foot. This causes you to look unbalanced and doesn't show off the lines of clothes well. It can also lead you to actually lose your balance.