How to Learn Armenian Dance

No trip to Armenia would be complete without practicing the country's traditional dance.

Keeping folk dance traditions alive is important in Armenia. Dancers dedicated to preserving Armenian songs and dances run schools in the capital city of Yerevan. They also perform in song and dance ensembles. One of the most popular dances is the Bar dance, the national dance of Armenia. Referring to any circle dance, a Bar dance requires at least two dancers. The only limit to the number of those who can join in the Bar dance is the size of the performance space. The basic steps are easy to learn.

Stand up straight with a relaxed posture. Hold up your hands to shoulder level.

Stand in an open circle, hooking pinkies with the people on either side of you. If you are leading the dance, stand on the right end and hold a handkerchief with your right hand.

Step forward with your right foot. Step so your left foot crosses your right. Step forward again with your right foot.

Point your left toe as you slightly raise and kick to your front. Repeat with your right foot.

Repeat the entire sequence until the end of the song.

Misty Witenberg has been a magazine and freelance writer (including "Shape," "Fit Pregnancy," "Natural Health" and "Mom & Baby") since 2004. Her experience is in fashion, beauty, travel, fitness and culture writing.