Good Topics to Talk About With Boys on the Phone

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Whether it is school gossip or the latest fashions, you always have tons of things to talk about on the phone with your girlfriends. But, when it comes to talking to boys on the phone, your mind may go blank and thoughts may race through your head about what to say next. Before you pick up the phone to talk to your guy friend the next time, prepare yourself with a few good conversation topics that will hold his interest.

1 What's In the News

Current events can offer interesting conversation topics. Brush up on current happenings and discuss something newsworthy, recommends licensed clinical social worker Maud Purcell on Psych Central. Talk about events happening in your hometown, such as the building of a new community center or school. Or, ask his opinion about national and global news that can greatly affect the human population. Discuss an upcoming election, endangered species or weather disasters. Talking about entertainment news is another option. Perhaps you heard about a new action movie sequel coming out soon; ask him whether he thinks the new movie will measure up to the first one.

2 Whatever Interests Him

The guy you are talking to may have previously mentioned to you some of his favorite hobbies and interests. Asking about his interests will make him view you as a great conversationalist, asserts Purcell. If you know he plays for his school's basketball team, ask about his practice and upcoming games. Perhaps he told you that he collects vintage comic books; find out if he has come across any rare finds lately. Additionally, if you share any interests with him, you should have a lot to talk about -- for example, if you both enjoy cooking, share recipes.

3 School Is Cool

Discussing common concerns about school can lead to the start of a new friendship, suggests TeensHealth, a part of the KidsHealth family of websites. Strike up a conversation about any school-related concern. Discuss what changes should be initiated at school that could possibly better the student life. Perhaps he wants to see healthier options on the school lunch menu or get a committee started to paint the distracting graffiti on the school walls. Ask him about any major issues he may be facing in school. Discuss school bullying and find out if he has ever been a victim. Ask him about any academic pressures, such as how he thinks he will do on the SATs or on upcoming finals.

4 Looking Toward the Future

See what the future holds for your guy friend. Find out what he plans to do after graduation and what colleges interest him. Tell him about your choices. Maybe he has other plans for himself such as joining the military or going straight into the workforce. Ask him about his occupational goals and share your own career pursuits. Inquire about the reasons for his career choice. Perhaps he wants to be a neurologist to help people with Alzheimer's Disease like his grandfather who passed away. Maybe he desires to be a veterinarian because he remembers how one helped his beloved dog to heal after a sickness.

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