What Are Some Things to Talk About With Your Girlfriend?

There is always something new at school for you both to talk about.
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Awkward silences may arise while you and your girlfriend are together. You may end up stumped about what to say. You can have fewer of these moments by simply asking for updates about things in her life or asking for her opinion. There are several types of topics that will keep your conversation going.

1 Future Dates

Let your girlfriend give input about where you both should go on your next date. Ask if she has any new places she wants to try besides the usual dinner and a movie. Perhaps a new amusement park is on her mind or she wants to eat at the barbecue place. Give her your suggestions. Maybe you can learn something new together at a cooking or art class. Come to an agreement on an activity or place that will satisfy you both.

2 Student Life

School is a prominent part of her life as well as yours. If you both attend the same school or campus, you may share classes and teachers. Ask what she likes and dislikes about them. What are her favorite subjects? Perhaps she can tutor you in a subject or you can study together for an upcoming exam. Listen to anything interesting she enjoyed doing as part of her learning process, such as a volcano science experiment. Discuss your future plans.

3 Favorite Hobbies

Ask your girlfriend about her hobbies. If she likes to knit or sew, ask how she's coming along with the scarf she is making. Ask about her jewelry-making or horseback-riding class. Perhaps, she collects vintage items. Ask if she came across any new finds. She will also be interested in hearing about your hobbies. Plan a day to try her hobbies and to show her yours. If you have a shared hobby, such as watching sports, you have much to talk about.

4 Trendy Topics

Get your girlfriend's opinion on popular trends in the entertainment world. Staying on top of current events will help you during conversations, according to Susan Krauss Whitbourne, a psychologist writing for Psychology Today's website. Ask what she thinks about the new album and music video of her favorite singer or band. Discuss the latest movie trailers and ask if any are worth going to see. Talk about technology and the newest generation of cellphones or tablet computers.

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