School Newspaper Story Ideas

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A school newspaper not only provides students and parents with up-to-date news and bulletins but also includes longer in-depth features. A well-produced and edited newspaper highlights individual student and school successes. It also fosters a sense of community. Many school newspapers strive to be interactive and to profile the students' own ideas and experiences.

1 News

Ideal topics to include in the newspaper's news pages are recent sports achievements, such as the school basketball team winning a league game. Other possible items to include are individual student or class success stories, such as reaching the Intel Science competition finals. Snippets about changes to school policy, forthcoming events, field trips and fundraising stories are also good news choices. A newspaper reporter could also include stories about important visitors and awards ceremonies.

2 Features

A school newspaper's features section is an opportunity for creativity. Topical features could include school efforts toward becoming "green," including recycling. Some of the features should address students' emotional needs. For instance, topics such as "how to prevent bullying" and "when to seek counseling" could help many students. Other feature ideas include profiling a teacher or the principal. Features can also address concerns such as budgetary effects on the school.

3 Arts and Entertainment

The section on arts should include a mix of reviews of new books, movies and music of interest to the students. Profiles of local bands, particularly if some of the students are members, would be a good choice. This section could also focus on the school's choir, drama and poetry societies and include comments from the students. Interviews with local artists, writers and musicians are other options for the arts section. This section could also include short stories and poems by students.

4 Sports

The sports section enables the newspaper reporters to record individual and team successes, such as swimmers progressing to the state finals. Features on sports could focus on training and preparation techniques. Individual stories, such as a female senior student who becomes a karate teacher, would fit well in this section. Comment pieces, predicting success and evaluating the competition, are suitable in this section. Inspirational stories from local sporting heroes would also interest students.

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