Interesting Discussion Questions for Friends

Ask your friends about future activities you can do together.
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You enjoy talking to your friends, but over time your conversations may get boring after you begin to know everything about them. The next time you are sitting around chatting, ask more in-depth and personal questions -- hopefully you will end up learning something about them you never knew before. Several types of questions can be interesting conversation starters for your friends.

1 What Are Your Best Childhood Memories?

Have your friends get in touch with their inner child; find out their favorite childhood memories. You may even share many of the same ones. Reminisce about watching the same cartoons on Saturday mornings and playing with the same types of toys. Maybe they even enjoyed munching on the same cereal as you for breakfast. Ask them what memory stands out as the most vivid from childhood, such as going on a family vacation to Disney World or winning a school spelling bee. Share your fondest memories with them.

2 Where Should We Hang Out Next?

Invest in your friendships by finding things to enjoy together -- and make time to commit to them -- suggests Discuss plans for your next bonding experience. Ask your friends' for their activity ideas and give your own. Create a list of all the suggestions. Perhaps you can suggest a day trip to catch a Broadway show in a nearby city. Maybe some of your friends want to take an overnight camping trip. Come to an agreement on what to do that will be fun for everyone.

3 What Does Your Future Hold?

Ask your friends about their plans after high school graduation. Let them discuss whether they want to go to college, join the military or go straight into the workforce. If you are in college, inquire about their occupational pursuits and what influences helped them decide on their career choices. Perhaps some of your friends wanted to become doctors after hearing a speech from a pediatrician on school career day. Share your own career pursuits with them and give your reasoning behind your interests.

4 What's Your Most Adventurous Endeavor?

Unusual experiences can be the basis for exciting conversations, writes licensed clinical social worker Maud Purcell on PsychCentral. Ask your friends about their most daring experiences and see who is the greatest thrill seeker out of the bunch. It will be interesting to discuss any hair-raising stories. Perhaps one of your friends rode on the world's fastest roller coaster while another friend may have bungee jumped off a cliff. Maybe someone even tried skydiving or took a ride in a hot air balloon.

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