How to Give a PPTX Presentation on an iPad

Make iPad slide shows with PowerPoint.
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The iPad's native support for displaying PowerPoint's PPTX file format makes it easy to show your PowerPoint presentations almost anywhere without purchasing any extra apps. To take advantage of this feature, however, email the PPTX to yourself so you'll need to have email set up on the iPad. If you plan on giving the presentation to a group, you also should consider purchasing a digital AV connector that allows you to mirror your iPad display to a digital projector or HDTV screen.

1 Open PPTX on iPad

2 Send an email

Send an email to yourself and include the PPTX file as an attachment.

3 Open the email

Open the email on the iPad using the Mail app or Safari.

4 Tap the attachment at the bottom of the message

Tap the attachment at the bottom of the message. Your iPad downloads the PPTX file and opens the presentation automatically in the Quick Look attachment viewer.

5 Swipe your finger across the screen to change slides

Swipe your finger across the screen to change slides.

6 Display the Presentation on a Larger Screen

7 Obtain a digital AV cable

Purchase or obtain a digital AV cable adapter that can connect the iPad to a VGA or HDMI display device. For newer iPads and the iPad Air, get an adapter with an 8-pin Lightning connector on one end and either a VGA or HDMI port on the other end. For earlier iPads, get an adapter with a 30-pin docking connector instead of the Lightning connector. These adapters start at under $20.

8 Connect the adapter

Connect the adapter to your iPad and then use a VGA or HDMI cable to plug a projector or HDTV into the other end of the adapter.

9 Turn on both devices

Turn on both devices. The iPad's display appears automatically on the larger screen.

  • If you won't have access to your email where you plan to make the presentation, or you want to avoid data charges, download the email attachment in advance.
  • If you plan to give a lot of presentations with your iPad, consider purchasing a wireless Apple TV device that enables you to mirror your iPad display to an HDTV screen over a Wi-Fi network. The device, which costs about $100 as of December 2013, works with Apple's AirPlay feature.

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