Fun Ideas to Teach Modesty

Modety in an important virtue to teach children and teens.

Some people practice modesty because of religious reasons and other people practice modesty because of moral reasons. Parents, teachers and leaders who believe modesty is important will want to share this believe with children and teens. Use creative and fun ideas to teach modesty to young people.

1 Crafts

Use crafts to emphasize the concept of modesty. Make paper dolls with young people to show how to dress modestly. Cut out a doll shape from paper or card stock. Add yarn hair and use a pen to add facial detail. Create modest clothing for the doll including long skirts and dresses and tops that have high collars. You can also emphasize modesty for teens by giving students newspapers and letting them create modest fashions out of it. Use tape, ribbon and scissors to create the outfits.

2 Sewing Activities

Teach students how to create modest fashions. Provide fabric, patterns and a sewing machine for students. Teach them how to lay-out and cutout a pattern and sew a garment. Provide embellishments so students can personalize their garments. Teach beginning sewers basic techniques by modifying existing outfits to make the more modest. For instance, you can add a panel of lace fabric to a low-cut blouse to make it more modest or add a ruffle to the bottom of a skirt to make it longer.

3 Fashion Show

Create a fashion show of modest clothing. The participants and audience will both learn how to dress in attractive and modern outfits while maintaining modesty. Have students choose their own modest outfits and explain why they feel they are modest. Have a leader approve of all outfits before they are used in a fashion show. Gather parents and friends for the fashion show. Offer tips to the audience on how to dress modestly such as wearing a long tank top under a short cropped blouse.

4 Other Fun Ideas to Teach Modesty

There are many methods that can used to teach modesty in a fun way. Have kids dress in modest clothing and then take pictures of them. Use a high-resolution camera and an attractive or "hip" setting. Show the kids that "modest is cool." Create a scrapbook of the photos taken at the photo shoot. Include pictures of individuals as well as group pictures.

Stephanie Kelley has been writing articles and columns online for SGM Radio and SGN Scoops Digital since 2005. She has a Bachelor of Arts in art history/anthropology from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wash. and writes on a number of topics including art, frugal living, children and travel.