What Flower Does the Boy Wear to Prom?

Select a boutonniere that doesn't clash with your date's dress or her corsage.
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Although prom is highly anticipated, it is also an anxiety-inducing event with a long list of decisions -- selecting a tux, getting shoes to match and choosing the appropriate tie. As if prom-goers need one more thing to worry about, there's the matter of the traditional boutonniere. Don't stress, because selecting the proper posy isn't as difficult as you may think.

1 Coordinate Colors

Traditionally, the boy purchases a corsage for his date. In this case, florists are happy to prepare a matching corsage and boutonniere set and the problem is solved. If the girl is buying her own corsage, ask her about the type and color of the flowers and the color of her dress, then ask the florist to suggest a boutonniere that complements her choices. If in doubt, a simple, elegant red or white rose or carnation is always appropriate.

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