The Etiquette of Thank-You Cards for Housewarming Gifts

All gifts merit some form of thanks.
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When you move into a new home, friends and family are likely to give you a housewarming gift to liven up the new place. A handwritten thank-you note is never inappropriate, but it's not always required for a housewarming gift. If you opened the gift in the presence of the giver and offered a heartfelt thank-you at the time, you don't have to send a card.

1 Sending a Thank-You

If the person sent the gift to your home or you opened it when he or she was not present, you should send a thank-you card. It doesn't have to be long, but it should still be personal. Reference the gift she gave and how you'll use it. For example you might say, "The restaurant gift card came in handy after a long day of unpacking," or "The flowers really brighten up the kitchen." You can also mention something about further developing a relationship with the giver. If the gift is from a new neighbor, for example, you might say you "look forward to many days of laughing together in the back yard" and if it's from an old friend, you could say you're "looking forward to making more memories in the new home."

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