How to Donate Sports Cards

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If you have been collecting sports cards and want to get rid of them, you do not have to toss the cards in the trash or sell them at a yard sale or to a collector. Instead, you can donate the sports cards to a charitable organization. You can donate both valuable sports cards and worthless sports cards. All types of sports cards are typically accepted for donation, including baseball, hockey, basketball and football sports cards.

1 Gather up your sports cards

Gather up your sports cards and separate them into two separate piles. Make one pile for cards that you know are valuable and one pile for cards that are not valuable. If you are not sure of the value of your cards, you can put all the cards into the same pile.

2 To donate your sports cards

Contact Collectibles with Causes via its website to donate your sports cards that are valuable. This organization sells valuable sports cards and donates the money to your charity of choice. Once you make contact, you will be contacted by a member of the Collectibles with Causes staff to ask about your sports cards so that the group can make sure your cards are something it can use. If so, you will be given an address to send your cards to so they can be sold and the proceeds donated. You also will be given a list of charities to choose from for the donation. In return, you will get a donation receipt in the mail, which you can use for your tax filing.

3 Ask your local sports card shop

Ask your local sports card shop if it accepts card donations. If not, you can donate via the Trade Cards Now website. Proceeds from the sale of the donated cards are given to a local shelter for children at the end of each year. Or, you can donate the cards directly to a local shelter on your own.

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