Though mourning your loss, appropriately acknowledge the kindness of others.

Something as small as a donation to the deceased's favorite charity or as magnificent as a carved bust in the deceased's image are ways to acknowledge the ways she touched lives. When you're the survivor of someone who made such an impact on others, it's your obligation to acknowledge the memorial gift in a very personal way. A thank-you note is appropriate, but a personal, handwritten acknowledgement is greatly appreciated.

Thank-You Notes ... Always

If the deceased had many friends and family, the survivors might just purchase a pack of preprinted thank-you cards for acknowledging sympathy cards, donations and condolences. But when someone goes beyond sending the typical sympathy card or flowers by making a memorial gift in your loved one's name, take the time to write a personal thank-you card. It's acceptable to use the preprinted card, but add to it a handwritten thank-you that expresses how much you appreciate the donor's thoughts and condolences.