How to Duplicate a Tab in Safari for iPad

Your Favorites tab plays a role in duplicating Safari tabs with ease.
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Occasionally, it’s helpful to a view a Web page on two Safari tabs. You can significantly cut down on scrolling between its important sections -- such as between a form and its instructions, a report and its footnotes, or a video tutorial and its transcript. An iPad running on iOS 7 offers a Safari shortcut to duplicate tabs quickly. If you’re a creature of habit, the old URL cut-and-paste method works just as well.

1 Copy-and-Paste Method

You can duplicate any Web page in Safari by pressing and holding its URL or Web address in the search box at the top of the screen. Then, choose “Select All” from the pop-up menu, followed by “Copy.” Tap “Cancel” at the right of the search bar. Press “+” to initiate a new tab. Press and hold the search box and choose “Paste.” When you tap “Go” on the iPad keyboard, a second tab for the chosen page is generated.

2 IOS 7 Shortcut

If you prefer using shortcuts, navigate to a Web page for which you need two Safari tabs. Next, touch “+” to create a new tab. Touch the first tab to return to the Web page and tap once on its URL or Web address at the top of the screen. Then, touch the new tab you created earlier, labeled “Favorites.” Tap “Go” on your keyboard to view the duplicate tab.

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