The YouTube for iPhone app uses a cache to load videos and ensure that frequently accessed content can be quickly accessed. Unfortunately, the cache can degrade the app's overall speed if it accumulates too much data. If slow video loading or poor overall performance becomes an issue, you can speed up the YouTube app by cleaning out the cache. This will give you a fresh start the next time the app loads page content or a video. If cleaning the cache doesn't help, several other troubleshooting steps may speed up your YouTube app.

Step 1

Open the "Settings" app on your iPhone.

Step 2

Scroll down to the "Safari" item and tap it to launch the browser.

Step 3

Touch the "Clear Cookies and Data" option.

Step 4

Tap "Clear Cookies and Data" again when the button appears to confirm the operation.

Step 5

Open the YouTube app and play a video to test its loading speed. If YouTube still isn't as fast as you would like, force the app to restart. Double-tap the circle button and then touch and hold the "YouTube" item in the Running Apps list. Touch the "X" button when it appears to close the YouTube app. Touch the YouTube app's icon on your home screen to open it again.