Unless your iPad has cellular access through a 3G or 4G network, the Map app won't do you much good once you get beyond a Wi-Fi signal with access to the Internet. However, even without Internet access you can still rely on your iPad to help guide you to your destination if you plan your trip beforehand.

Using Cellular Data

When you lose a Wi-Fi network, the Maps app stops receiving information from the Internet so it can't show you any more of a map other than what's on the current screen. If you turn on "Cellular Data" from your iPad's settings, you can continue using the map and see your current location; however, cellular service charges may apply.

Using an iPad Map Off-Line

Before leaving home with your iPad, launch the "Maps" app and plan a route to your destination. When the screen is at your current location, take a screen shot by pressing the sleep/wake button and home button at the same time. Scroll to the edge of the map and take another screen shot. Keep doing this until the map shows your destination. Zoom in and out as needed to make sure you can see the streets. When you leave home, launch the "Photos" app and use the maps now on the Camera Roll.