How to Donate 3-Ring Looseleaf Binders

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Binders are a part of every student's life. Many children will use multiple looseleaf binders for each school year as a way to separate their paperwork across multiple subjects. While some dedicated students will retain their coursework for future reference at the end of each year, the majority of kids simply abandon their binders or throw them away. In poorer school districts, these same binders can be forgotten amid larger budget concerns. Donating used binders is a great way to reuse these simple objects instead of sending them to take up space in a landfill.

1 Gather contact information for local school districts

Gather contact information for local school districts, charitable organizations and educational programs. The United States government hosts searchable registries for school districts and charities across the country that can be accessed for free using the Internet.

2 Inquire about specific needs about from any interested organization

Inquire about specific needs from any interested organization. It is a good idea to have a rough estimate of how many binders they need before donation. If an organization needs 500 binders, and you give them 15, it won't do them much good. Similarly, some organizations may only need a small number, and would have no use for an extremely large donation.

3 Gather as many binders as needed

Gather as many binders as needed. You may wish to start a small donation drive at your local school, university or church. Many people have unused binders, and few people would be bothered to donate them on their own time. Once you have an appropriate number of binders, deliver them to your selected organization, or arrange to have them shipped in bulk.

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