How to Write a Letter to Discontinue Pledging

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Donating to charities and other philanthropic causes helps provide essential services for the most needy residents and organizations across the United States. People routinely donate to a variety of causes, from public television and radio stations to educational programs for children. There may come a point when you need to stop continued pledging that you previously committed to. In order to stop these pledges, you should write a letter to the organization that you are sending money or other resources to.

1 Obtain the mailing address

Obtain the mailing address for the nonprofit organization or charity that you will end pledges to. You can get the correct address on a solicitation sent to you, or by calling the phone number listed in the solicitation. Contact information is also often listed on organization websites.

2 Format your letter by including the date

Format your letter by including the date, address and greeting. The greeting should begin with "Dear [Name of Organization]," and end with a comma.

3 Write out your letter

Write out your letter. Explain that you have been proud to donate to the organization over a period of time, but that you would like to discontinue pledging to the organization. Include your account number, if applicable, and whether you want to be solicited in the future. If you want to stop all solicitations, make that clear in the letter.

4 End your letter with Regards

End your letter with "Regards," or some variation thereof. Sign your name below the regards line.

5 Mail the letter to the organization's mailing address

Mail the letter to the organization's mailing address.

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