How to Determine if a Man Is Interested in More Than a Friendship

A man who is interested in more than friendship may pay you a compliment.
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Whether it's a long-time guy friend or a guy you've just met on college campus, you may be asking yourself how you can be sure he's interested in you. While you can never be 100 percent sure, as only he has that answer, you can look for signs to help you to figure out where his interest lies. You may find that you are reading into something that is clearly not there -- or perhaps he does indeed have eyes for you.

1 He Noticed

A guy friend who notices a little change you make -- such as a new haircut or outfit -- and compliments you on it may be interested in more than friendship, Gian Gonzaga, Ph.D., Senior Director of Research and Development for eHarmony Labs, tells "SELF" online magazine. Complimenting you is his way of showing you he noticed you and likes what he noticed about you. Remembering details you've shared with him -- such as your favorite foods, music or movie -- is also a sign he might be romantically interested.

2 Check the Stats

Pay attention to how much attention this man devotes solely to you. If he is interested romantically, he will put time and effort into your relationship. If you are interested in him as more than a friend, but you seem to be doing all or most of the work to get to the next level, you're likely better off accepting that you are nothing more than friends, suggests psychologist Jeremy Nicholson on "Psychology Today" online.

3 Subtle Signs

If you notice that your guy friend stands closer to you than he does to others in your group of friends, touches your shoulder or arm when the two of you are engaged in conversation or offers to help you clean up after a get-together at your place after everyone else has gone home, he may be interested in being more than just your friend, asserts Gonzaga. He may also text you and answer your texts and calls more frequently than he previously did. Another clue that he may desire more than friendship is divulging vulnerable thoughts and feelings such as how sad he felt when his best friend moved away when he was 13, according to "Seventeen" magazine online.

4 No Doubt Friends

Look out for signs that your male buddy is most likely not interested in being more than friends. These include asking about and expressing interest in one of your friends, treating you like one of the guys when you hang out together or saying whatever comes to mind without considering your feelings. A guy pal will not go out of his way to impress you if he is clearly not interested.

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