How to Describe an Emo Cut to a Hairstylist

Your stylist should be able to help you creat the perfect emo cut.

Emo haircuts come in a number of different styles, which may cause confusion when you ask for one from your hairstylist. These haircuts are often layered, asymmetrical and dyed, making them complex to describe and difficult to cut. Try to pinpoint an exact style you want before going in; this will help you describe it. Before getting in the barber's seat, go over what you want carefully and slowly with your stylist; this will ensure that you get the cut you were picturing.

Describe the length. Different emo styles have different lengths. For example, you can get an emo twist on the bob, which is quite short, or a layered cut, which can be quite long. Make sure the length is long enough to suit the style you have in mind.

Tell your stylist about the lines you want. One of the trickiest things to describe is the exact look of the cut. Emo haircuts are often asymmetrical and complicated. Carefully go over every part of your hair, from the back, front and side. Consider things like your bangs and your part when describing the cut. A popular choice is to have the hair cut into a short shag at the front with long hair coming down the sides.

Pick out the color you want. Many emo hairstyles are dyed black, but many people opt for bright streaks or highlights. Your hairstylist should be able to dye your hair for an additional fee.

Talk about how you want your hair styled. These haircuts are often quite complex and will need to be groomed carefully. Consider whether you want the hair treated. Most emo haircuts are straight. If you have curly hair, you may need to have it straightened.

Show the stylist a picture if your hairstylist still does not understand what you mean when you ask for an emo haircut. Print out a picture of a style you like, and show it to the stylist. Several websites, such as, have pictures to choose from.

  • Some stylists specialize in emo haircuts, while others may be uncomfortable experimenting with one. Ask in advance to find out if your stylist is comfortable with cutting your hair in this style.

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