Just Got Out of Bed Hairstyles

Actress Carissa Walford rocks a high bun on the red carpet.
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A shampoo and blowout don't always fit into your daily schedule, but non-shampoo days don't have to result in messy hair. Several just-got-out-of-bed hairstyles are easy to create, saving you time and leaving you looking your best. Skip the blowout and opt for a simpler -- but just as stylish -- look on those rushed mornings.

1 Put It Up

If you prefer wearing your hair down only when it's freshly cleaned and dried, opt for an updo on those non-shampoo days for some variety. A bun is the ideal updo when you want to create a chic finish in no time. If your hair is long and thick, rock a high bun on top of your head. If your hair is thin or straight, try a bun that sits at the nape of the neck or off to the side. Leave some wispy pieces down to frame your face for a soft look that you can create with ease.

2 Embrace the Natural

If your locks are naturally wavy, your hair's texture is on display when you first roll out of bed. Embrace what you have for a quick and easy do. Add some dry shampoo, and run your fingers through your waves. Let your curls cascade down, adding some frizz-fighting serum for a sleek look. No matter the bed head you wake up with, you can rock it with a touch of product and minimal styling.

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