How to Delete Recent Apps on an HTC One S

Clear recently opened apps from your HTC One S notifications menu.
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The HTC One S and the HTC One X are both shipped with a Recent Apps button under the device display. On the HTC One S, the Recent Apps button is located on the right side of the Menu key. The Recent Apps screen displays a list of thumbnails, each image representing an app that is running in the background on the phone. You can quickly delete all running apps at once from Recent Apps screen. When you remove apps from the Recent Apps screen, the app is closed and no longer runs in the background.

Press the “Recent Apps” button on the HTC One S to open the Recent Apps screen.

Tap and swipe the thumbnail for the first app up and off the screen. The first app closes and the thumbnail for the next open app displays on the screen.

Tap and swipe the thumbnail for the second app up and off the screen.

Repeat for each app to close.

  • Pre-installed apps, such as those installed by your carrier, cannot be uninstalled.
  • You can permanently delete apps by opening the Settings app from the Applications screen and then tapping the "Apps" tab. Locate and tap the entry for the app to uninstall and then tap "Uninstall" in the App Details screen.

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