What Is the Definition of a Suspense File System?

There are many different ways to organize files and folders.

When several different documents and matters must be addressed each day, sometimes it can be very difficult to keep track of each particular task that must be completed. To organize important files and documents, many people use filing systems that enable them to easily sift through folders to find the documents they need. A suspense file system is an effective method of filing documents that can be helpful in your professional and personal life.

1 Definition

A suspense file system, also known as a tickler system, is a method of organizing files and labeling folders according to chronology. Each folder is marked with a future date, and action must be taken on the all papers inside the folder on that respective marked date. This suspense filing system emphasizes chronology, the importance of organizing files by the date in which they must be addressed and preparing for the relatively distant future.

2 Advantages

Rather than having files and folders scattered in a chaotic fashion, the suspense filing system encourages people to place dates on the folders and place papers that relate to issues that must be completed on those dates in the appropriate folders. With papers organized according to chronology, when people wake up and look at the date, they can easily reach into the right folder and find the files they need to address for that date. This also enables people to give their attention to only one thing at a time by focusing on things that must be accomplished imminently and by putting aside things that don't require attention until the future.

3 Professional Uses

The suspense filing system can provide a convenient benefit for people in a professional setting. Many jobs consist of multiple tasks that workers must accomplish each day, as well as several issues that must be addressed in the future. Some of these professions include lawyers, doctors, journalists, business executives, contractors and politicians. For these professionals, it can be very helpful to have a folder for each day so that they can reach into the folder and easily find all of the important documents or matters that must be acted upon on that day. For this method to be effective, however, the worker must diligently label folders with future dates and carefully place all files that relate to future dates in the correct folder.

4 Personal Uses

People can also benefit from using a suspense filing system in their personal lives. By labeling every folder with a future date and by placing important files or reminders pertaining to the future in the correct dated folders, they can have a constant to-do list. Things that can go in the folders include bills that need to be paid by certain dates, reminders about important meetings or appointments, letters or e-mails that must be addressed or tasks around the house that need to be completed. Thus, people can wake up each day, look into the correct folder and immediately see what needs to be taken care of that day.