Medical records can be filed in either alphabetic or numeric order. The method you choose will depend upon the preferences of your medical office. You simply need to follow a concrete system in order to file medical records in either manner. The alphabetic method probably will gain the most support, since this method easily allows you to add information to files regardless of the date on which you receive new information on a patient.

Decide upon a method. You can only sort files by either one method or the other. If you wish, you could photocopy every single file you ever bring in. This would allow you to sort files both alphabetically and numerically.

Sort the files. Use either alphabetic or numeric guidelines when sorting the files. In the alphabet, the first letter will be “A” and the last will be “Z.” For numeric sorting, start with the number “1” and sequentially move upwards.

Obey the system. You need to use the method you selected to sort all future files. This will keep you organized and easily allow access to the relevant medical records.