Thanks to technology superstars such as the late Steve Jobs and TV shows like “The Big Bang Theory,” geeks and nerds have achieved a special status in modern culture. Although every person is different, the majority of geek girls are independent and comfortable with themselves, and are looking for men who appreciate them rather than trying to change them. Dating a geek girl means entering into and attempting to understand her world.

Attracting Her Attention

Although there are always exceptions, geek girls are generally more drawn to brains than brawn. You don’t need to be a super-genius, but show her you have depth and intellectual curiosity. Try striking up a conversation about literature or fantasy or science fiction. Ask intelligent questions and give well thought out responses to her questions. Many geek girls are shy and awkward in person, so talking to her by email or text is often the best choice in the beginning. For your first date, choose a location where you can talk freely. Although some geek girls love loud parties and crowded dance floors, they generally want to get to know the person they’re dating on a level that is not possible when you have to shout to be heard.

Finding Common Ground

Finding common ground with a geek girl is not necessarily easier for geek guys than it is for the average man. Geek subculture is filled with sharply divided loyalties and specific fandoms that resemble cliques. No matter what your personal interests or subgroup might be, the best way to find common ground with a geek girl is to ask questions. Find out what she spends her time on and which passions she holds. Remember that each geek girl is an individual, not a stereotype. You might bond over sports, theme parks or any number of activities that don’t seem to fit the “geek” mold.

Keeping Her Attention

Although there are exceptions, most geek girls are primarily interested in finding someone with whom they feel a deep connection. She might be unconcerned about the amount of money you make, the type of car you drive or what you do for a living. To keep her attention, show her all the parts of yourself, including your passions, fears and insecurities. Most geek girls appreciate a guy who challenges them intellectually, helps them break out of their comfort zone and makes them feel valued for who they are.

Putting Up With Her Quirks

Geek girls are generally quirky. On a daily basis, they are usually very low-maintenance, preferring clothes and hairstyles that are comfortable and don’t take much time or energy. Yet when preparing for a sci-fi convention or other event, your girl might spend months making her costume and endless hours doing her hair and makeup. Likewise, she might seem slightly clueless and forgetful on a daily basis, but have a laser-sharp memory for obscure trivia and the ability to solve a Rubik’s cube in record time. Her quirks are a large part of what defines her, so resist the urge to change them or diminish them. Learn to read her cues and support her in pursuing her passions.