How to Darken Lipstick

Darken lip color with eyeshadow and a brush.
... Martin Poole/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Makeup companies offer a myriad of different products, but that doesn’t mean every girl wants or needs to buy them all. You can actually get more out of your makeup by mixing products together -- a trick often used by professional makeup artists. If you lack the right shade of lipstick and want to make it darker, mix it with a dark eyeshadow and you’re ready to go. Choose gray or black to darken with cool tones or chocolate brown to darken with warm tones.

Rub the lipstick on the outside of your left hand if you are right-handed (vice versa if left-handed) just below your bottom thumb knuckle four or five times back and forth. You should have enough lipstick on your hand to be able to dip a brush in and apply.

Dip the brush into the eyeshadow, picking up a small amount, and mix it with the lipstick on your hand. Combine vertical and horizontal strokes to blend the two colors.

Add more eyeshadow to make the lipstick even darker. If you go too dark, add more lipstick to lighten it up. Play around until you achieve the shade you want.

Dip the brush into the mixture on your hand and apply it to your lips as you would ordinary lipstick.

  • If you have black lipstick or black cream Halloween makeup, use that; the smooth texture blends even better than eyeshadow.

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