How to Curl a Bang to the Side

Curling bangs adds texture and changes the shape of your haircut.
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Bangs add depth and character to nearly any hair texture, from thick and wavy to silky straight. Whether you have thick fringe that hugs your forehead like Zoe Deschanel, or you have whimsical side-swept bangs like Emma Stone, sometimes adding a bit of curl and shape to the bangs changes up your usual day-to-day look. Curling your bangs to the side not only adds some volume but can also help to keep bangs out of your face, creating a soft and open look for school, work or play.

Wash and condition your hair in warm water. Towel dry so that the hair is just damp and not soaking wet.

Brush your bang section forward and over your forehead with a fine tooth comb. Spritz the bangs with a heat protectant.

Separate a 2-inch section of hair from your bangs at the side of your face where you want the bangs to sit. For example, if you have side-swept bangs already, separate a section of hair closest to your ear. If you have bangs that sit over your forehead, you will have to decide which side you would like set the bangs. You can also decide to separate the bangs at the center and curl each half out and away from the face.

Place a small round brush underneath the 2-inch section of hair at the roots with the round brush sitting vertically. Turn on your blow dryer to a medium heat setting and direct the flow of air over the hair that sits on the round brush.

Pull the round brush toward the tips of your hair, keeping the brush vertical. As you pull the round brush away from the face, turn the brush so that the hair gets wrapped around the brush barrel and curls away from the face. Keep twisting the brush until you reach the tips of the hair. With a final twist, release the round brush from the hair. Be sure to keep tension in the brush as you twist, and move slowly enough to allow the heat from the blow dryer to work its magic. It might take a couple of passes to get the strands completely dried and styled.

Grab another 2-inch section of hair from your bangs. Repeat the blow drying and brushing process. Keep blow drying sections of bangs away from your face until they are all styled and dry. Spritz the soft curls with a medium-hold hairspray to smooth down fly-aways and keep the hairs in place.

Turn on your 2-inch curling iron and allow it to heat up. Wrap 1-inch sections of bangs around the curling iron barrel and away from your face. Hold in place for about 10 seconds and release. This step is only necessary if you want to get a really bold curl in your bangs. Always curl the hair away from your face to create an open and inviting hairstyle.

  • For a softer look, simply spritz your hair with hairspray after you have blow dried the sections, and tousle gently with your fingers.
  • Always apply a heat protectant before heat styling your hair to avoid damaging the hair shafts and leaving hair frazzled.

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