If something goes wrong while you sync your portable devices with iTunes, you can end up with thousands of duplicates in your iTunes library. If going through all your albums and deleting duplicate songs manually is not an option, iTunes can display all duplicates in mere seconds. Note that duplicate songs are listed below the original song. Be careful what you delete because you may not be able to recover deleted songs.

Step 1

Launch iTunes and select the "Music" subcategory from the Library section.

Step 2

Hold "Shift," click "View" and then choose "Show Exact Duplicate Items" from the menu to view the duplicate songs. Only songs that have the same name, artist and album are displayed by iTunes when you select the Exact Duplicate Items view.

Step 3

Hold "Ctrl" and click each duplicate until you select all duplicates. Note that duplicate songs are always displayed below the original song.

Step 4

Press "Delete" and then click the "Delete Songs" button to erase all duplicates.