No Sound on Grooveshark for Chrome

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The Grooveshark extension for Google Chrome adds a button to your browser toolbar that opens a new window with the Grooveshark website when clicked. If there's no sound when you attempt to use Grooveshark music streaming service, it can be an indication that your volume is too low to be audible, or muted. If you can still hear system audio or audio through another browser, there are some troubleshooting options related to Google Chrome that can resolve the problem.

1 Check Grooveshark Song Volume

The Grooveshark website enables you to set the playback volume for songs independently from your computer audio. Check that there's a full bar with five orange stripes next to the speaker icon at the bottom of the Grooveshark website. If the bar has one orange stripe and four grey stripes it means that the volume is set very low and might be inaudible. If there is an "X" next to the speaker icon, it means that the Grooveshark playback volume is muted. Click the speaker icon and drag the slider upward to increase the volume. Alternatively, hold down "Ctrl" and press the up arrow on your keyboard to increase the volume.

2 Check Google Chrome Volume Levels

Using the Windows audio volume mixer you can set the volume for all applications on your computer or adjust the settings individually. If the audio level for the Google Chrome browser is lowered or muted, you won't hear any sound on Grooveshark. Select "Desktop" from the Windows 8 Metro user interface and click the speaker icon on the taskbar. Click "Mixer" and check that the Google Chrome browser volume is not lowered or muted. Right-click the system clock on the taskbar if the speaker icon isn't visible. Select "Properties" and then select "On" next to volume.

3 Check Connection Speed

As the Grooveshark service streams audio from the Internet, a stable connection is required for proper playback. If your connection speed is slow, it can result in the songs taking a long time to buffer, which can give the appearance that there's no sound. Stop any background downloads or updates to see if this makes a difference to the Grooveshark playback. If you're stuck with a slow connection, access the Grooveshark settings page and click the "Preferences" tab. Click the check box next to "Stream smaller, lower quality songs (good for slow connections)" to sacrifice quality for speed.

4 Check That Flash Is Enabled

Grooveshark requires that the latest version of Adobe Flash is installed for your browser. The Adobe Flash Player is integrated with the Chrome browser already instead of a separate download. Chrome system update include any updates to Adobe Flash, so update Chrome. If Grooveshark displays any errors that Flash isn't installed, type "Chrome:plugins" (without the quotation marks) in the Chrome address bar and press "Enter." Click the "Enable" link below Adobe Flash Player if it's set to disable, and then restart your browser before accessing Grooveshark again.

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