What Color to Wear With Navy

Annina Frey uses a navy blouse to temper a vibrant skirt.
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Navy is a classic shade of blue that looks great with just about anything. Treat navy as a neutral, and experiment with different color pairings to see just how versatile this timeless shade can be. When shopping for navy garments, choose traditional, high-quality pieces that will last for many years; you'll find you can wear such items with a variety of styles and colors already in your wardrobe.

1 Versatile Navy

Because navy acts as a dark neutral, it can be paired extremely well with most other colors. Use navy to temper vibrant solids or prints -- wear a navy blazer over a bright pink sundress or rock a navy tank with a floral skirt. You can also create eye-catching contrast by wearing bright white or other light colors -- think lavender, mint or baby blue -- with the dark blue tone. Navy is also a perfect pairing for metallics. Together, navy and gold create a rich, warm ensemble; it also acts as a backdrop against which a bright silver accessory will really pop.

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