Church Banquet Games

Church Banquet

Fellowship is an essential aspect of church life. Eating, mingling and having fun together as a church will create a healthy atmosphere for people to connect and meet. One of the best ways to break the ice at a church banquet is to play games that require everyone to interact.

1 Have You Ever

This game requires a little preparation before the banquet. Have a list of 20 questions prepared on a piece of paper that can be photocopied for each attendee. The questions should be events that some, but not all, people have experienced. You can list: have you ever been to the Grand Canyon; have you ever fallen asleep during church; or have you ever eaten sushi.

Each person asks another until they get a "yes" from someone. That person then signs their name next to the question. The first person who fills their paper with signatures is the winner.

2 Table Games

Each table is a team. Christian word games such as crossword puzzles or word finding sheets can be placed on each table. Each table has to work together to solve the various word games on the table.

Bible trivia is another great game that each table can play against each other. Someone can lead the game by asking 10 Bible questions. Have each table discuss and write down what they think is the right answer.

After all 10 questions are asked, have one person from each table share the table's answers publicly, before revealing the correct answers. Tally the number of correct answers from each table to determine a winner.

3 Relay Races

Relay races are a great way to get everyone involved and interacting at the banquet. A relay race separates the group into equal numbered teams and then gives them an objective to accomplish. Provide clear directions on how to accomplish the relay and then allow the teams to compete against one another.

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