Twitcam is a video-streaming service run by Livestream that gives everyone with a Twitter account the ability to broadcast their own live show. Viewers can watch and communicate via live chat while the show is in progress, or watch the archived video at a later date. In addition to watching shows over a computer, iPhone users can watch Twitcams through their their Web browser or the Livestream application.

Stream in Safari

Using your iPhone, you can watch a live Twitcam on its Safari browser by going to its website (link in Resources) and clicking on the "Watch Live Events" link. You'll also find featured Twitcasts on the Livestream home page.

Download the App

Download the free Livestream application from the App Store to watch live Twitcams on your iPhone. You can also create your own live Twitcasts and broadcast directly from your phone. The Livestream app is compatible with iOS 5 and higher.