Can the Font Size Be Changed in Google Calendar?

Your Internet browser can make Google Calendar easier to read.
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Google currently doesn't have a font adjustment option in its online calendar. If Google Calendar’s text is too small for you to read, you must adjust your Web browser settings. Internet browsers have a “zoom” option that allows you to increase the size of a Web page and its text.

1 Keyboard Shortcut

Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome all use the same keyboard shortcut to zoom. Press the “Ctrl" and "+” keys repeatedly when looking at Google Calendar to zoom in on the page. Press “Ctrl” and “-” to zoom out.

2 Other Methods

In Internet Explorer, click the gear icon, select “Zoom” and then click “Zoom In” repeatedly until the text is the size you need or select a zoom percentage above 100 percent. In Firefox, locate the “+” and “-” buttons between the address bar and search field, and then click “+” repeatedly to zoom in. In Chrome, click the three bar icon and click the “+” button in the Zoom section.

3 Warnings

The Zoom Controls are not a default option in Firefox. If you don’t see the buttons, right-click above the address bar and select “Customize” to open the Customize Toolbar window. Click and drag the “Zoom Controls” icon up to the space between the address bar and search field. If you zoom in too much on the Google Calendar Web page, the day names and dates will appear mashed together.

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