Black & White Preschool Activities

Have your child think of everyday things that are black and white, such as piano keys.
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From her soccer ball to her stuffed panda, your preschooler sees many items throughout her day that are black and white. Point out black and white items that are familiar to her and talk about the contrast of the opposite colors. Tell her about black and white photographs and televisions. Sit together and partake in activities that incorporate these colors.

1 Black and White Sheep

Teach your daughter sheep-themed songs, such as Ba Ba Black Sheep.
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Spread your preschooler's fingers far apart and place her hand on a piece of black construction paper. Trace her hand with a pencil. Cut the hand print out. Give your tot the hand print, have her hold it upside-down so the fingers are pointing down and tell her that it is a sheep; the fingers are the legs and the thumb is the head. Spread glue all over the palm of the hand print. Give her a small pile of cotton balls and instruct her to place them on body for the sheep's wool. Hand her a white pencil to draw eyes and a mouth on the tip of the thumb for its face.

2 Pattern Recognition

Build math readiness skills by teaching your child pattern recognition. Cut triangles out of black construction paper and circles out of white construction paper. Sit your child at a table and place the circles and triangles in front of her. Tell her to pick a circle and put it on the table in front of her. Have her pick a triangle and put it next to the circle. Continue to have her line up the circles and triangles in the same pattern on her own. Graduate to more complicated patterns.

3 Newspaper Clothing

Turn yesterday's headlines into today's hottest preschool fashions. Tell your daughter that you are going to have a newspaper fashion show by making her some clothes out of newspapers. Use scissors and tape as necessary. Wrap the newspaper around her in various styles to see if she wants a dress, skirt, pants or shirt. Crinkle the newspaper to make ruffles and other details. Make hats, boots and other accessories. Have her look in the mirror at the finished product. Let her dress you, a doll, a sibling or a friend up in newspaper clothing too.

4 Black and White Walk

You may think your preschooler wants to watch videos all day, but give her the opportunity to take a walk with you and she will drop that remote like a hot potato. Bring a notebook and a pen. Make a column, one for black findings and one for white findings during the walk. Tell her to look for anything that is black or white, such as cars, crows or rocks. She will enjoy hunting for the items and telling you what she sees. Tally up the findings when you get home to see if there were more black or white items.