How to Make a First Communion Veil

You can make the veil and add fresh flowers the day of the ceremony.
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Your daughter is ready to take the sacrament for the first time and will need a communion dress and veil for her First Communion ceremony. Tulle, floral wire and ribbon -- items readily sourced from the sewing and craft store -- are the main components needed to make a basic veil. If you possess basic hand sewing and crafting skills, you can easily make a special First Communion veil that is personalized for the occasion.

Cut a length of floral wire with the wire cutters and form a circle 5-5 1/2 inches in diameter. Twist a plastic bag until it is in the shape of a long strip. Drop a dot of hot glue onto the wire. Press the end of the twisted plastic bag to the glue. Wrap the bag around the wire; secure the end of the bag to the wire with hot glue. Repeat with the second bag. It is OK if the two bags overlap.

Glue the end of the ribbon to the wire on top of the plastic layer with a drop of hot glue. Let the glue cool for two minutes. Place your finger on top of the ribbon and press tightly. While holding the ribbon in place, wrap the ribbon tightly over the plastic. Wrap until the entire wire is covered and there is no plastic showing. Cut the end of the ribbon. Turn the edge under 1/4 inch and hot glue down. Let the glue cool for two minutes.

Lay the tulle out on the floor. Fold the tulle in half six times, width-wise. You will have a 1-by-4 1/2-yard rectangle.

Fold in half so you have a 4 1/2-by-18-inch rectangle.

Place the saucer at the cut bottom 4 1/2-inch edge of the tulle. Hold it firmly against the tulle; trace the curved edge of the saucer with the air-soluble marker toward the folded sides of the fabric. Remove the saucer and cut along the line to create the scalloped edge of the veil.

Unfold and flatten the tulle. Refold the fabric lengthwise with the top layer staggered 1 inch above the bottom layer. Thread a needle with doubled thread and knot at the end. Insert the needle 1 inch below the folded edge. Stitch two stitches to secure the thread. Run a basting stitch the width of the tulle. Keep the basting stitch straight.

Push the tulle to gather it until you have 11 inches of tulle along the basting stitches. Stitch two stitches at the edge of the tulle to secure after you have finished gathering. Arrange the gathers evenly and pin the tulle to the wire circle. It will go around half the circle. Select the best place to situate the tulle on the wire. The shorter layer of scallops should be the top layer showing after it has been pinned on.

Double thread and knot a needle. Whip stitch the tulle onto the wire by stitching the thread around and around the wire as you sew through the tulle. Remove the pins after you are done sewing.

Add flowers, ribbons, pearls or other chosen notions to decorate the veil.

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