How to Become a Prometric Testing Center

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Prometric has gained global recognition as a provider of technology-based assessment solutions for organizations such as governments, corporations, nonprofits and academic institutions. Prometric has more than 10,000 testing locations in 160 countries and their products and services hold a strong demand in the marketplace. Organizations seeking to become a test center with Prometric need to demonstrate that they are capable of meeting strict standards for operations, security and technical implementation in addition to filling out a comprehensive application. Applicants also must demonstrate the ability to meet financial obligations required to set up and run the testing center.

1 Visit the Prometric website

Visit the Prometric website and navigate to the “For Network and Partner Test Centers” section. Read, understand, and agree to the “operator’s responsibilities” as outlined on the website before proceeding to the application.

2 Click on the application link

Click on the application link once the “operator’s responsibilities” are understood and begin the application process.

3 Agree by clicking

View the “Testing Room Facilities” page and agree by clicking yes. Candidates that cannot provide services in accordance with the detailed outline cannot function as a testing center until coming into compliance.

4 Comply

Comply with the “Immediate Testing Area” requirements listed on the next page and select yes. Candidates must agree to terms to continue with the application process.

5 Ensure the organization

Ensure the organization can meet staffing allotments as determined on the “Staff” page that appears next by confirming with the organization's human resources department. Confirm by agreeing to the terms and continue.

6 Analyze the Operations page

Analyze the “Operations” page that appears thereafter, and check with the operations department of your organization to ascertain whether the organization can comply. If not, discuss how the organization can meet compliance. Once the organization can agree to comply, continue with the application process.

7 Review the Technology

Review the “Technology Requirements" pages that appear next, and confer with the IT department to make sure the organization meets all requirements listed. If not, determine a plan for compliance and then move forward with the application process.

8 Study the Owner s

Study the “Owner’s Responsibilities” page that appears next, and speak with the leadership responsible in the organization for overseeing the testing center to ensure there are no concerns or issues in agreeing to the rules set forth by Prometric in this section. Upon reaching agreement, complete the application process.

9 Fill out the application

Fill out the application that appears on the next screen. All fields require an answer. Click the submit button at the bottom of the page to send the application.

10 Speak

Speak with a representative from Prometric who will contact the organization. The representative will discuss the application merits and whether the application process will move forward with a site inspection. Once a site inspection is complete, the organization will receive confirmation of approval or denial from the assigned representative.

  • All applying organizations should consult with an attorney before signing any finalized agreement. The attorney will assist the organization in the legal aspects of the agreements and make recommendations based on wording and legal requirements.
  • Financial requirements vary according to the potential testing center's focus in providing testing. Representatives in communication with the applying organization will discuss and determine what those financial obligations will be.

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