How to Check Immigration Status by Name Instead of Receipt Number

Keeping track of your immigration status by name.

According to the USCIS, you should receive a receipt number for your immigration application within thirty days of submission. In a normal situation, the receipt number is all you need in order to follow up with your application. If there are certain issues that arise on your application, you will not be getting the receipt number in a timely manner. More than likely, you must check your immigration status by name instead of receipt number.

Call the USCIS national customer service center.

Get on the phone with the USCIS national customer service center. Their toll-free number is 1-800-375-5283.

Email the USCIS service center.

Send an email to the appropriate USCIS service center based on the state you reside. The four service centers are as follows: California Service Center:, Vermont Service Center:, Nebraska Service Center:, and Texas Service Center:

Interview with an immigration officer.

Set up a meeting with an immigration officer. You will have to make the appointment online. Visit the Contact Us page of the USCIS website. On the Contact Us page, look for the Tools section. Within the Tools section, you will see Other Services. Click on the INFOPASS - make an appointment link. On the INFOPASS page, click on the language that you can understand. Click on the first Click Here button which says Make Your First Appointment with INFOPASS. Enter your zip code and click on the Continue button.

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