How Do I Fix Norton When It Won't Connect?

If Norton can't update, your computer is at risk.
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Norton's anti-virus and computer protection software updates constantly via a built-in feature called LiveUpdate. If Norton can't connect to the server to access the newest updates, your computer could be vulnerable to malware and virus attack. If restarting does not correct this issue, you may need to remove and reinstall your program to ensure your copy is uncorrupted.

1 Reboot and Check Internet Access

When your computer or programs act oddly, the first troubleshooting measure should be rebooting. This resets your system and shakes any electronic quirks loose to promote proper operation. Once your computer restarts, verify you have Internet access by opening your Web browser.

2 Remove and Reinstall Norton

If Norton still can't connect to LiveUpdate, the program may be corrupted, installed improperly or compromised by malware. Download Norton's Remove and Reinstall Tool to completely erase all Norton files from your system. (See Resource 1.) Once Norton has been removed, you can download and install a clean version of your program from Norton's website. (See Resource 2.)

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