How to Activate Your Verizon Internet Account

Activate your Verizon FIOS wireless service to access Wi-Fi from your device.
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If you have enrolled in a Verizon Internet service plan, you received a Welcome letter either via postal mail or email. You can activate your Verizon account anytime on or after your Service Ready Date, or SRD, listed on your Welcome letter. You will also need the Verizon order number listed on the letter to activate your Verizon Internet account. You can activate both FIOS and high speed DSL plans using the Verizon Activation tool (see Resources). If you are a Verizon FIOS customer, you must activate the free Wi-Fi service provided with your plan, which is a process separate from activating your Internet service account.

1 Activate Internet Service

2 Install the Verizon software provided with your Welcome kit

Install the Verizon software provided with your Welcome kit.

3 Open the Verizon Activation tool

Open the Verizon Activation tool in a browser on a computer that is connected to the Internet.

4 Click the FIOS radio button

Click the “FIOS” radio button to activate FIOS service, or click “High Speed Internet (DSL)” to activate this type of service. Click “Continue.”

5 Sent to you

Type the order number sent to you in the Verizon Welcome letter in the “Order Number” field, then type your zip code in the “Zip Code” box if you do not yet have an account set up for Verizon’s online services. If you have an account set up, enter your Verizon username and password.

6 Click Continue

Click “Continue.” Your service is activated within five to 10 minutes.

7 Activate FIOS Wi-Fi

8 Open the Verizon site in a browser

Open the Verizon site in a browser, then click “My Verizon." Log in with your account username and password.

9 Click My Services

Click the “My Services” tab in the left sidebar, then click “Internet.”

10 Click the Manage icon

Click the “Manage" icon in the Verizon Wireless section of the page.

11 Click Find Wi-Fi Hotspots

Click “Find Wi-Fi Hotspots.” The Eligible for Verizon Wi-Fi dialog box opens.

12 Click the Register Now button

Click the “Register Now” button. Your device is registered to the Verizon network, and Wi-Fi is enabled for your FIOS network.

  • Do not close your browser during the activation process. If interrupted, you must perform the process again from the beginning.
  • Your Verizon order number is a nine or 13 character string of letters and numbers listed on your order confirmation letter.

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