How to Turn Off My Location on Facebook

by Elvis Michael

Sharing your current location on Facebook enables you to be more specific about your actions, thus increasing the level of interactivity on the popular social network. For example, this allows friends and family to meet around your area or communicate about nearby places and attractions. If you do not wish to share your current location, though, you can disable it from all status updates as well as your main profile settings.

From Status Updates

Visit your main News Feed screen, then click the "Update Status" field to reveal all available options.

Highlight the location marker located under said field; the name of your current location is listed by default.

Click the “X” that appears next to the current location to remove it.

From Profile Page

Click the “About” tab then click “Edit” from the main Living field.

Click the “X” shown next to the Current City field and/or the Hometown field to remove your existing location.

Click “Save” to apply the new settings and turn off your current location.


  • Modifying location settings from your status updates also affects all future posts.

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