Rearranging the Music You Like in Facebook

Facebook displays the music you like chronologically.
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The music you like on Facebook is organized chronologically. Your most recent music is in the upper left corner of the music display. In order to rearrange the music you like, you must manually unlike the music and then undo that change. This will move the music to the upper left corner of your music display. If you wish, you can also edit your settings so that the Music section appears in a different location among the other items on your About page.

1 Rearranging Individual Music Items

2 Log in to your Facebook account

Log in to your Facebook account. Click your name in the upper left hand corner of the screen to go to your Timeline.

3 Click About on your Timeline page

Click "About" on your Timeline page and scroll down to the Music section.

4 Locate the music

Locate the music you wish to rearrange and hover over the "Liked" button in the upper right corner of the photo. This will trigger a drop-down menu with a number of options related to that music.

5 Click Unlike .''

Click "Unlike." This will temporarily remove the music from the music you like.

6 Click Undo

Click "Undo" in the box labeled "This item has been unliked." The next time you visit your About page, the item will appear in the upper left corner of your Music likes.

7 Rearranging the Location of the Music Section

8 Click About on your Timeline

Click "About" on your Timeline.

9 Locate the Edit icon

Locate the Edit icon in the upper right hand corner of any section on your About page. The Edit icon looks like a diagonally-oriented writing utensil.

10 Click on the Edit icon

Click on the Edit icon and select "Edit Sections." This will bring up a list of all of the sections in your About page.

11 Drag the Music section

Drag the Music section to the desired place and click "Save." You can also toggle whether a section is displayed by clicking the check box next to that section.

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