How to Put a Masters on a CV

by Maya Black, Demand Media

If you're applying for a job that requires a master's degree -- such as public school administrator -- or applying for further academic study, you'll need to list your master's degree on your curriculum vitae, or CV for short. While a standard resume lists your previous employment, a CV lists your academic achievements such as academic honors, published works and conferences you attended. Purdue University points out that there's no set CV format, however, listing your master's degree near the top of the document lets the reviewer know that you have the requisite education for hiring or acceptance.

What to Include

At the top of your CV, just under your name and contact information, create an "Education" category. State the year you earned the degree, then name the type of master's degree you have -- for example, M.A., M. ED., M.B.A., M.S.N. -- followed by your major. You also may spell out your degree like, "Master of Fine Arts." Then, on the same line or just beneath, name of the college or university where you earned the degree, followed the city and state where the university is located. Generally, you should not list your grade point average on your CV unless the person to whom you are sending it specifically asks you to include your GPA. You may choose to italicize your degree or set off the name of your college or university in bold, but these stylistic adjustments simply are options and are not required.

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