How to Write a Letter to Parents About Having a School Picnic

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Teachers write letters to parents to provide information regarding school activities. When a school plans a picnic, teachers write letters to students' parents to let them know about the event. Sometimes the parents are invited to the picnic; while other times it is for students only. The letter includes the details regarding the date, location, time and any other important information the parents and students need to know.

1 Address the letter

Address the letter. Write the letter to the parents by stating “Dear Parents,”.

2 Announce the picnic

Announce the picnic. Begin the letter by stating that the school is planning a picnic. Inform the parents whether it is for students only or if parents are also encouraged to come.

3 Explain the purpose of the picnic

Explain the purpose of the picnic. School picnics are often held for a special occasion, such as an end of year celebration.

4 Include the details

Include the details. Describe when the picnic is planned for, the location and the time. If it will be held during the day, explain how the children will be transported back and forth to the location of the picnic. Include details of what will take place at the picnic, such as playing games, activities and eating.

5 Make requests

Make requests. The requests you ask for will depend on whether the parents are invited or not. Many times, the school may provide the food for the picnic; however, other times each student is asked to bring an item. If this is the case, the food requests are often divided by grade. One grade is asked to bring drinks; while another brings paper products.

6 Include a permission slip

Include a permission slip or sign up slip. A good way to find out the number of attendees for the picnic is to include a slip on the bottom of the letter. The parents fill out the slip and return it to school. A permission slip may be necessary if the picnic is planned during school hours and the children will walk to the picnic or ride a bus. A sign up slip simply asks for a number of attendees allowing the teachers to plan accordingly.

  • Request that students dress comfortably and wear tennis shoes -- not flip flops.
  • Suggest that students bring a sweatshirt or coat if cold weather is expected.
  • Offer information regarding what will occur in the event of inclement weather. Let the parents know if the picnic will be rescheduled or if it will be moved to another location.

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