School newsletters are intended to provide essential information to parents and can also foster a connection between the classroom and the home. Newsletters can be distributed on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the type of information being reported. Neatly formatted, concise, easy-to-read articles are best for school newsletters.


Newsletters should inform parents of special school activities such as field trips, meetings and volunteer opportunities. Include dates of upcoming events so families can plan accordingly.


As the date of an activity or field trip draws closer, a newsletter should gently remind families to plan for the event. Newsletters are also a great way to remind families when special items are needed for an activity.


When possible, write about specific happenings around the school. A short note from each classroom about a recent activity or lesson helps parents connect to their child's classroom. Such updates also allow parents to see what is going on in other classrooms. Ask for feedback from parents regarding what they would like to see in the newsletter. Giving parents a say in what information is presented will build trust between the school and families and further strengthen parental involvement in school programs.

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