How to Make a Permission Slip

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Parents and guardians fill out permission slips to give consent for their children to participate in activities, usually school-related, such as field trips. These slips provide information for parents as well as give legal cover to the school. An adequate permission slip contains clear details about the activity and makes it easy for parents to clearly state their permission with a signature.

1 Open a blank word processor document

Open a blank word processor document.

Type the school's name and contact information at the top of the page. Center it.

Type the day and date on the right side of the page.

Type "Dear Parents," on the left.

Explain the purpose of the permission slip in the next paragraph. For example, "We are writing to ask permission for your child to take part in a field trip to Springfield Museum on Friday, April 12." Explain the purpose of the activity, if necessary.

Provide essential details in the next paragraph. Include, for example, what time the students will leave and what time they will arrive back at the school, as well as a list of things students will need such as spending money or a packed lunch.

Give instructions in the next paragraph for filling out the form and when it should be returned to the school. For example, "Please fill out the form below, sign it and return it to Mr. Smith no later than Friday, April 5."

Sign off as you would an ordinary letter. For example, "Many thanks, Mr. Smith, Head of English."

Insert a dotted line to indicate the beginning of the form to be returned.

Write a paragraph giving consent for the child to participate in the activity, leaving blank spaces for required information. For instance, "I give permission for __ to participate in the museum field trip on Friday, April 12."

Type "Signed," followed by a blank space for the parent's signature.

  • Consult senior management about any requirements unique to your school as different schools and school districts may have different policies.

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