How to Write an Essay on Personal Development Analysis

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Writing a personal development analysis essay requires reflection, soul-searching and a bit of navel-gazing. You must step outside yourself, and be objective about your personal development. Further, you need to rank how well you function in your role. To accomplish these objectives, you need to answer some hard-hitting personal questions about how well you work with others, contribute to the team effort and identify and solve problems. After you rate your performance and write your personal development analysis essay, the data provides the basis for your supervisor to review it and develop an action plan.

1 Complete the paper-and-pencil

Complete the paper-and-pencil or online assessment provided by your institution or workplace. Aim for honesty. Nobody ranks perfectly in every category, so assess yourself realistically. Look at your strengths and weaknesses in an objective way.

2 Armed with your personal development analysis information

Armed with your personal development analysis information, plan your essay. You need an introduction to present an overview of the topic. Write your thesis statement, and support it with another two or three sentences to indicate the topics you want to cover.

3 Write a paragraph about each of the major topics

Write a paragraph about each of the major topics. Follow the personal development analysis form headings. Don’t use a big one when a small one will do, and stay focused on the topic.

4 Compose a short conclusion

Compose a short conclusion, followed by recommendations for the sort of action plan you see as a logical extension of what you identified in your personal development analysis.

5 Leave the draft

Leave the draft for a day or so and then come back to it. Correct any typing or grammar mistakes and then read it aloud. Listen to the tone of your personal development analysis, and asses whether it sounds objective and professional to your ear. Edit as required.

6 Write the final copy

Write the final copy of your personal development analysis essay. Attach the assessment form, if required.

  • When doing your assessment, try comparing your performance with those around you, as this gives you a base line.

Jody Hanson began writing professionally in 1992 to help finance her second around-the-world trip. In addition to her academic books, she has written for "International Living," the "Sydney Courier" and the "Australian Woman's Forum." Hanson holds a Ph.D. in adult education from Greenwich University.