A goal is a result which requires effort to meet. Personal goals are goals set by an individual to influence the direction of his efforts. Personal goals are dreams trying to become reality.


Personal goals are sensible and achievable. They are challenging, but realistic. They take effort to attain. They inspire an individual to do more, achieve more, and become a better person.


Personal goals focus on personal life, who you want to be, what you want to achieve. They can inspire improvements in all areas of life. Career, family, hobbies, education, finances, and physical fitness are some of the aspects of life to which personal goals can be set.


Personal goals are used to improve quality of life, love, and happiness. They inspire a positive behavior that helps work to achieve a desired outcome. They are used to take a dream and make it reality.


Personal goals recorded in a highly visible area will be a constant reminder of a desired outcome. A set of written personal goals have motivated many highly successful people. Oprah Winfrey, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan have all been vocal about the importance of goal setting in their successes.


Personal goals are meant to be accomplished in a set time; this may take as little as one day or many years to achieve. A set personal goal of buying a dream house may take years, but setting it as a personal goal inspires a higher level of effort toward the goal.