What Colors Work Best for the Interior of a Church?

Stained glass church interior
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When choosing interior colors for a church, it is best to think of the colors you see in stained-glass patterns. These colors usually represent liturgical traditions and Christian doctrines and are widely available in church carpets, upholstery and accent pieces.

1 Neutral Colors

It is best to keep the walls a neutral color like gold or pale yellow as this will please most of your congregation
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Neutral colors such as gray, gold, or pale yellow work best for sanctuary walls and trimming. They are likely to please most of your congregation and flatter bright accent colors that are common in church furnishings. Keep your look modern with white trim.

2 Violet

Choose violet as a color for church pews as it represents royalty
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Violet represents royalty and reminds worshipers of the kingly office of Christ. Choose this color for church pews and carpeting and accent it with shades of gray.

3 Blue

The color blue can be used as an alternative to violet
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Blue is an alternative color to violet and growing more common among Protestants. Ranging from gray shades to royal and bright shades, blue easily doubles as a brand color for your church.

4 Red

The color red looks luxurious in furniture upholstery and carpeting
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Red shades look luxurious in furniture upholstery and carpeting. Be sure to keep other accent colors minimal--red is bright enough to stand alone. Red represents the presence of the Holy Spirit and is the most traditional color of the Church.

5 Green

The color green is a tasteful accent color for church interiors as it represents new life
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Green is a tasteful accent color for church interiors. Use it in wall art and as a complement to blue accents. Bright green represents new life while olive green is neutral.

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