How to Be a Church Deacon

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The church has come and asked you to fill the position of deacon. Are you ready for the roles and responsibilities of this position? Although the duties vary from church to church, you can follow the steps below to cover the basic duties of deacon.

1 Ask the head

Ask the head deacon or pastor what the time commitment is. Time-consuming activities might include deacons' meetings, visitations, church discipline, pastoral interviews and overseeing of different areas within the church. If you do not have the available time to give, then this might be a church position that you should not commit to.

2 Read the church statement

Read the church statement of faith and any written material on its policies and procedures (often known as the constitution).

3 Obtain a copy

Obtain a copy of the church's most recent budget. As a key decision maker in the church, it is important that you know where the church's money is going and how it is budgeted.

4 Get a clear understanding

Get a clear understanding of what your particular roles will be. For example, what members you will minister to, what church activities you will oversee, if any, and what activities you are expected to be involved in.

5 To get a general understanding

Interview a present deacon or former deacon to get a general understanding of the reality of serving as deacon within your church.

6 Fulfill the roles and responsibilities and of deacon

Fulfill the roles and responsibilities of deacon to the best of your ability.

7 Ask questions when you have them

Ask questions when you have them. It is best to get an answer from the pastor or head deacon rather than assume an answer and answer and be wrong.

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