What Type of Clothing Do Greeks Wear?

Modern Greeks wear conservative but stylish attire.

Like people of most cultures, Greeks wear different types of clothing for different occasions. Modern clothing is generally stylish and conservative. Traditional clothing is layered and colorful.

1 City Life

Greeks living in the city are fashion-conscious and wear popular European trends. Clothing is lightweight yet conservative, and it is not unusual to see Greeks in Athens wearing designer brands.

2 Beaches

Greece has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Greeks wear swimsuits at the beach, but they bring clothing to cover themselves when they are traveling to and from the beach.

3 Church

Greeks wear more conservative clothing at church than in the city. Men and women wear dress clothes and proper shoes that cover the entire foot. Women wear long dresses that do not show exposed backs and shoulders.

4 Traditional Attire

Some modern Greeks wear traditional costumes for special occasions, like church festivals, independence day and Carnival. Greek dancing troupes also wear traditional costumes.

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