What Are the Requirements for Working at Walt Disney World?

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Walt Disney World fans often wonder what it would be like to work at the Happiest Place on Earth, but what are the requirements for becoming a cast member at Walt Disney World?

1 Attitude

Walt Disney World seeks cast members who are upbeat, helpful and ready to bring "magic" to the guest experience at Disney. In interviews, this general demeanor will be something that casting will screen for in potential employees.

2 Appearance

Men must keep hair short and wear no jewelry with the exception of one ring per hand. Women can wear earrings that are no larger than a quarter; excessive jewelry, such as bracelets and necklaces, is not allowed for those working within themed areas. Tattoos must be covered while working in public areas, and all hair color must be a uniform, natural shade.

3 Lifestyle

As with many employers, Disney requires that cast members be drug-free.

4 Age

Walt Disney World generally hires cast members who are 18 and older. However, some exceptions have been made for 17-year-olds who are graduating seniors.

5 Famous Ties

Former Disney cast members include Steve Martin (Disneyland), Wayne Brady and John Lasseter, current chief creative officer at Disney/Pixar.

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